blckpwny CTF team

blckpwny is an international women only Capture The Flag team. We hack-together, discuss challenges, and perform small CTF related workshops. Joining the team is easy. Just send a mail to and let us know who you are. No matter whether you are an experienced female hacker looking for a team, or just started your InfoSec journey. Don't hesitate to join us <3.

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Yay hackers, but what is CTF?

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Why a women only CTF team?

Playing CTFs is fun. We would like to see more women doing so, and we would like to see more women in InfoSec. Solving challenges can be very rewarding. It allows you to test and improve your hacking skills without any discrimination. We learned from blackhoodie events, that women only environments can be extremely encouraging for female hackers. A more extensive explanation can be found here:

Solved challenges and writeups